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"Our family is at your service"   After many years experience in the “world of the pearl” the acquisition of a Professional diploma as a gemmologist confirms my expertise and interest in what is a marvellous career.  Teamwork is the key to our success and my company has grown, much as a Rainbow rises from the sea to the heavens. Family members: Aude, Maheata, Mimi, Camélia, Herman and Jules have all contributed to our success in many different ways.   It will be my pleasure to guide you through the different stages of pearl production, from the grafting process to harvesting the black pearls.   My all Polynesian team will offer you an unforgettable welcome, including a fruit cocktail and a souvenir black pearl oyster shell from one of our pearl farms.   With our expert advice you will find it difficult to resist our marine treasures.  You will be dazzled by our magnificent collection and unbeatable prices.   My satisfaction: your happiness!   My success: my team!   My aim: that the Tahitian Black Pearl be worn with pride and pleasure, that our Fenua (country) and its pearls be celebrated worldwide.   Wendy Hebert, ownerWe provide free return shuttle from wherever you are on Bora Bora to the shop. Opening hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Closed on week ends.

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