BBYC was developed to become the best Yacht Club in French Polynesia. It offers benefits worthy of its name, as well as the highest quality services for boats. It is without a doubt that BBYC will become one of the icons that will allow you to remember the destination of Bora Bora.   The Bora Bora Yacht Club has been developed to become the gateway to the marvellous destination of French Polynesia and welcome travellers from the ocean. The Yacht Club retains the local spirit just like the picturesque village in Bora Bora.   It is positioned as the final stop before leaving French Polynesia in the East… Strategically located in the calm of Bora Bora, it is a few minutes from the village of the most important island, Vaitape.   With BBYC the dream come true, it is simply MAGIC !

  • Tel: +689 67 60 47
  • Web: http://www.boraborayachtclub.org/