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Scince a few week it is possible to do your first dive with manta rays. Diveasy is the only dive center to do that kind of introduce dive.   Scince a few weeks Diveasy is not only in "Private" booking. You can ask for "no private" dives or snorkeling.  Even if we stay specialized in Private booking.   Your guide is a diving instructor (bees1) who has dived for more than 15 years in Polynesia and more specifically in Bora Bora. If you want to dive at your own pace, in solo, in pair or with friends, nothing is easier with Diveasy. Whether it is your first diving experience, or you are an accomplished diver, you will benefit from your diving instructor’s skills, who has dived thousands of times in Bora Bora.  Everything will be done to ease your diving submersion : Your diving instructor will be at your disposal to best organize your dives in Bora Bora. « Fulfill your dreams and experience a first private dive in one of the most beautiful lagoons of the world! » In addition to scuba diving, Diveasy has developed the first interactive underwater trail in Bora Bora.  Accessible to all, snorkelling allows you to discover the amazing wealth of coral reefs. Equipped with special snorkels, you’ll be able to listen to music and comments about the flora and fauna of Bora Bora.   Laurent Graziana After several years spent so far away from French Polynesia, Laurent is yet back in Bora Bora. After a solid experience in Britanny and in many diving centers in Bora Bora, it has just taken over that original structure of diving and snorkeling, to make you share his passion for Polyneisan waters and scuba diving. As he is committed to environment and wants to increase people’s awareness about the beauty, the wealth and the fragility of coral reefs, he will take you, for non-experienced divers, to the first interactive underwater trail in Bora Bora.   laurent GrazianiLaurent Graziana Patent status of scuba diving (BEES1) Federal Monitor (MF1) Class 1B INPP (National Institute for Occupational Diving) Monitor Nitrox Meteorologist Oceanographer

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