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Tea, Erwin and Ate’s daughter, grew up in this environment and eventually developed a great interest in nature and jewelry, which led her to study Marine Biology and the art of jewelry design. In time, she began to combine these passions by creating exquisite pearl jewelry using only pearls cultivated locally.   Due to the tremendous success of her creations, Moana Art & Pearls was transformed into Bora Pearl Company which includes  The Farm, now, world famus pearl farm and educational center, a jewelry workshop, where master goldsmiths hand craft unique masterpieces, and the Jewelry Showroom where one can admire and shop the exquisite collection.   Today Bora Pearl Company is devoted to producing the world’s most beautiful pearl jewelry from Polynesia’s unique and precious pearls, telling visitors the fascinating story behind each pearl, from creation to showcase, and providing our guests with the warm, friendly service and hospitality that has made Bora Bora a favorite destination since the days of Captain Cook.

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